When you decide to get healthier and start working out, you have many ways to achieve your goals. You can join a gym, sign up with private fitness studio, hire a personal trainer or workout at home by yourself. You would be surprised how many people choose to exercise at home and not because they try to save money or hate gym. Just for convenience and time savings. Which ever way you choose to exercise is fine, but don’t make it a temporary until you reach a certain goal. You must figure out the way to get your daily burn, that would not feel like a nagging chore, because you have to stick with it of a long run.

The older we get the more responsibilities we have on the plate and it gets harder to find time to exercise, it kind of goes on the back burner. In our daily grind we don’t pay much attention to all the benefits of regular physical exercise. I know - I am in the same boat.

Lack of motivation is often my biggest enemy. It is so easy to justify yourself and feel pity to skip another workout. Find out what motivates me and maybe it will help you too.

Learn how to shop smart for healthy foods that will benefit you. Why 80% of products in grocery store is just waste of time. Junk products, that your body doesn’t need at all.

Boredom helps you gain weight. When you have lots of free time and no plan what to do with it, it’s very easy to snack too often not paying attention if you are actually hungry.

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Home Workouts To Help People Get Fit And Healthy
Do You Warm Up Before Workouts?
          ​HOME WORKOUTS

      ​By warming up before exercise, you are not only pumping blood into the nooks and crannies of your muscle fibers
Boring Fitness Exercises And How To Spice Up Your Workouts
It is important to have a good resource of different workout routines available to choose. If you workout the same muscles all the time eventually your results 

Empty calorie foods will make you fat
      ​​​​How do you know what foods carry empty calories? It is simple. When you eat something and it almost melts in your mouth with very little chewing...

​Push Yourself to train harder, faster, better.
​The most shocking thing I see when somebody is sitting on a stationary cycle and reading the book, they just pedal on 
​​How Being Fit Will Help You Earn More Money
​​Looking good and attractive can boost your confidence, but confidence is not the only thing you can gain. Did you know that good looks also can help you earn...
Kids Develop Healthy Habits With Home Workouts
Working out with your little ones around, helps them to like exercise and for them it is like a game. This will build good habits for the future.
Exercise Will Makes You Feel Younger & Stronger
    I run up this hill in full speed, like I would be chased by a psycho killer with machete. First and foremost I...
Simple Exercises works all the time
Protect Your Wrist From Fitness Injuries

Versatile Home Workout Station
Workout Outfit You Want To Wear
Exercises To Do At Home

Crazy home gym ideas
Many Things Change. But How You Get Fit And Stay Healthy Still Stays The Same.
Just couple weeks ago I was doing my evening run in my current neighborhood. Nothing special just usual a few laps around city blocks. It was around 5 o’clock in the evening and I was half way done with my run, when I turned around the corner to other residential quiet street. At this point I was running facing the setting sun. The sun was turning orange and just beginning to hide behind tops of the palm trees. Suddenly I had this déjà vu moment. “I have seen this before” -, I felt like I have been in the same exact moment somewhere else before. This very unreal flashback in my mind made me stop jogging and thing for a minute. This perfect sunset made me remember very similar neighborhood with same old sidewalk and mature palm trees. The place where I used to exercise and jog after work around the same time of the day, about 10 years ago. The location where I used to rent an apartment with my girlfriend (she is my wife now) did look very similar to our current neighborhood. Street with older single family homes, cracks in a sidewalk and a row of palm trees running along the street.

Common Things Fit People Do
  ​​​​If you want your spouse or your girlfriend / boyfriend to get in better shape than they are now, you have to start exercise yourself first...