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Are you in shape? Are You in Your Best Shape? Do you know how to get in shape? It doesn't matter what is your answer, I am glad You have found my website.
 I am fan of home workouts and hope I can help you too to get fit and motivate you to get you the body you always wanted. THE TIME IS NOW! If not NOW then WHEN??? When you are 40, 50? Or you think it was not meant to happen for you in this lifetime?

  No time - no problem, home workouts are for everyone. Using just your own body weight and small free weights you will lose fat and tone your whole body in just 20 to 30 minutes.The best weight loss plans is the one that incorporates exercises and healthy weight loss diet.
In this fitness site I gathered fitness tips about aerobics, losing belly fat, how to build muscle and more. Also I wrote some articles from my own experience about my home workout routines and changing my eating and training habits. It is 
no rocket science, it is simple and everyone can do it. Oh and the best part it is FREE.

 Yes you might need some equipment after your own  
body weight exercises are not enough to progress. The equipment is usually very versatile. I am talking about set of dumbbells, jump rope, exercise ball, resistance bands and other simple things that every person should have. 
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        ​ or anyone associated with it or its owners are not responsible or liable for any injuries or any other damages occurred while exercising. Please consult your doctor before starting any weight loss or exercise program.



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​The most shocking thing I see when somebody is sitting on a stationary cycle and reading the book, they just pedal on 
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Working out with your little ones around, helps them to like exercise and for them it is like a game. This will build good habits for the future.
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Crazy home gym ideas
Exercise should not be complicated. Simple works best
The other day I was browsing thru all kinds of different youtube home workout channels to see what’s new and what new routines their hosts come up with. Honestly I was surprised how complex it starting to get. I mean the whole exercise routine and combination of different moves in one set. 2 jump side to side then push up than squat and add a 2 burpees. What if you make a mistake then what, start over?

I do my workouts at home regularly, every day or every other day. In one week there are 7 days that you can do many different exercises before you will start to repeat the same. I strongly believe simple is better. It is not rocket science – you work a muscle, get it tired, feed it afterwards, let it rest and watch it grow, repeat that again and again.

I agree that repeating same exercises become less and less effective, but I am all for simple workouts and simple routines.

As and example there is simple push up, and after training pushups for some time you will get better and be able to do 20 or 25 repetitions in one set. It will feel that they are not bringing any more results. Luckily there are many variations of push up. With simply putting your arms more forward or back closer to waist and not straight down it will be much harder to lift yourself because now you are training not chest, but mostly your shoulders. You will be surprised how...  read more about
simple exercise routines