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Build an Iron Strong Heart with Weight Lifting?
Lets forget about the appearance, looks, six-packs and sexy waist. When doctor looks at you he does not care if you have a enormous biceps or sculpted thighs. And he still recommends everyone to exercise every day no difference if you are thin or chubby. Physician recommends daily physical activity because it brings enormous natural benefits to every human body. Strong or weak, young or old everyone benefits from it.
Today I want to talk about healthy heart, and how strength training improves your heart.

The heart's structure makes it an efficient, never-ceasing pump. From the moment of development through the moment of death, the heart pumps. The heart, therefore, has to be strong. The average heart's muscle, called cardiac muscle, contracts and relaxes about 70 to 80 times per minute without you ever having to think about it. As the cardiac muscle contracts it pushes blood through the chambers and into the vessels.

Heart is made of a cardiac muscle, not from fat, not from joints, but lean clean muscle, and like the rest of the muscles in our body, cardiac muscle can grow bigger and get stronger. Everyone would benefit having bigger and stronger heart. According to Swedish study of more than a million men researchers found that the stronger a man is in his 20s, the less likely he is to suffer a heart attack or stroke down the road.


Never again confine your cardio workout to the treadmill: Strength training safe-guards your heart. Strength training like lifting weights, circuit training or high intensity interval training (HIIT) puts a lot of stress on various muscles of the body as well the heart muscle and the blood pressure. After the training and adequate rest time our muscles grow stronger bigger. Same thing is happening with the heart muscle.

Strong and big heart beats slower when we are in the resting state, and does not have to work as hard and overstretch when we are working out or training. It is not unhealthy, and may even be beneficial. Endurance athletes, like marathon runners, tend to have larger heart chamber sizes while strength athletes, like power lifters, tend to have thicker muscle walls. The best outcome may well be a combination of both types of exercise: weights and aerobics.

More and more studies tell us what many weightlifting addicts already know: Increasing muscle mass means improving heart and lung function while staving off heart disease and other conditions before they set in.

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