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There is an easier way to lose weight than just burning calories running and sweating.
Think about it, which is harder ? To have an ice cream milkshake and to go to burn all those 400 calories or not to have a milkshake?

To refuse tasty treats is hard, but to workout and burn those calories is even harder. You have to make a choice. If you have not noticed, there is nothing easy about loosing weight and eating right. Ordinary people like you and me are loosing weight and staying fit every day. There is nothing, absolutely nothing that is stopping you from achieving the best shape of your life. This line sounded like words from some infomercial selling some gizmo that does magic and melts the pounds away.

The truth is that some moments are harder than others, but all the people who successfully lose weight successfully, got over them and lived.

How many "mountain climbers" does the milkshake cost

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Calories In & Calories Out

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Interval Timers

Track your exercises and don't waste any time with programable GymBoss Timer​

Pros and Cons of the CHEAT DAY

You get a taste of your favorite comfort foods and satisfy your cravings
It sets you back about a day from your goal