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​There is one most common problem that cause to be over weight. The same problem is keeping people from loosing weight even if they want it really hard. You are probably trying to guess what it is. It is not one thing that is to blame, it is the life style it self.

Any weight loss program will fail if after finishing it you go back to your old routine. That's why every weight loss plan, every program want to educate and give the basics to follow even after the completion. Most of the dvds and fitness programs out there will help lose weight, but is the weight going to stay off it's up to you.

When you think about it, changing a life style is a very big change for anyone. Most people don't want to move away from things they are used to, foods they love and activities they enjoy.

If you think your life will be not as pleasurable as it is now – you are probably right in some way. If your pleasure is to eat doughnuts every day or other sweets or soda with empty, useless calories, so that pleasure you will have to sacrifice. On your journey you will find other things and activities that brings joy and pleasure that you never thought they wood. For me for example hiking looked like boring walk in boring woods, but after I hiked up the local mountain and had a picnic there, hiking no longer looked pointless and boring.

It does not have to be 180 degree change. Little steps like healthy snacks instead potato chips or water instead of soda are good place to start.