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Body press station allows me to do lots of exercises at home safer and replaced use of chairs. 

There are so many different ​​home gym equipment for sale. And you could spend so much money on different exercise machines that only help you work one muscle group and after a while just collect dust in basement. 

When I discovered a way to exercise at home with stuff around the house I was thrilled how inexpensive it is and how many exercises I could do just using my body weight.  

I am not against home fitness equipment, but I prefer versatile equipment that could be used for more than one exercise and is easy to use.

In one of my workout routines I used may kitchen chairs for the triceps dip, but it is not the safest way of doing it. I did it before I got m​​​​​​y Ultimate Workout Station. 

You can order your body weight workout station here.​
Very versatile and super simple workout station

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