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There is a misconception that to get in shape you need special equipment and big weights or a fitness club membership.

Some people think that exercising without weights is useless and is not a real workout, more like warm up or just stretching. There are many full body exercises and workouts that you can do at home using just body weight. On this website i gathered different workouts that needs minimal tools and equipment.

Working out without weights will define your muscles, loose fat, strengthen your core, improve posture, health and stamina. When not using weights it is harder to actually grow muscle. Because body muscles get used to the same weight and there is no reason and no stronger stimulation for them to grow.

Exercising with weights not only brings same results with less effort, but also can increase muscle mass and size. When you choose a heavier weight than you usually lift every day, the muscle gets more stimulation and it starts growing.

Scientific studies proved the benefits of muscle tissue​ in calorie consumption. 
​When body has more muscles it can burn more calories even when in resting state.

Studies proved that increased calorie burn stops when you finish cardio workout, not so after working out with weights. After workout with weights body keeps burning calories at the same rate for up to 2 hours while muscles recovering and cooling down.

​The best training routines are that combine aerobics and weight training.

Workouts with weight or without weights

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